Samoa Chapter

Benefits of our Programs

Brown Girl Woke provides opportunities for men and young women to participate in four main endeavors:

  • After School Girl Program Ages 10-13
  • Young Women Forum 13-25
  • Emerging Leaders Young Men and Young
  • Women Regional & National Training and Conference.

If you want to be part of our BGW Samoa Chapter, please get in contact with us.

Brown Girl Woke Club


The Brown Girl Woke Club is open to all students at University of South Pacific & National University Samoa, regardless of major!


The Current Activities of the BGW Club include:

  • Organizing service learning projects with local social service organizations
  • Building awareness about important social problems such as Domestic violence, child abuse, neglect and exploitation, poverty and homelessness, environment (climate change), lack of health care and mental health services, violence in our families and communities, discrimination, human rights violations, providing services and support to older adults, immigrants and refugees, and inequalities in our public schools
  • Providing opportunities for students (and other like-minded students) to socialize with each other
  • Increasing the visibility of social justice on campus and educating others about the social justice
  • Bringing speakers and other special events to University

Young Talent Night


Our aim is to provide a platform and showcase the amazing local talent that we have across our beautiful island of Samoa.

As Samoa does not provide much of a platform for our youth to grow in their own interests and passion particularly performing arts, we are proud as BGW to be able to give back and create safe spaces for our young talents of Samoa to unite, share, support and reach out. We work towards building them up and helping them be HEARD, SEEN and SUPPORTED in the community!

(Refer to our Facebook Page for latest information on our next Talent Night)


We Provide

  • A safe space free from judgement to express yourself freely
  • Equipment & venue
  • Supportive audience
  • Light refreshments for performers

After School Dance Classes

Bring dance, fitness and leadership training to your child’s school!

Ask about our Bullying Prevention Program



– After School Dance is a mobile dance program that brings dance into preschool, elementary and middle schools. Uses dance to teach character development and goal setting. Class format can be hip hop, jazz or traditional Pacific Islander dance. Program utilizes an open space, preferably carpeted, such as a gymnasium or music room.



After school, twice a week for two weeks. Each class is an hour in duration and includes warm up and stretch, technique and skill break down and choreography



Classes are held in the sponsor school. Gymnasiums are best, but location can vary from a hallway to a classroom. Wood or carpet floors preferred. Open space for hip hop and long hallways are best.



In addition to fundraising for the host school, benefits the sponsor school by teaching kids to stay active, set goals and take responsibility for their choices. Skills learned in class such as integrity, dedication and positive self talk will translate to the classroom in behavior and attitude. The fundamental goal of Dance is to give kids the tools to succeed in school and in life and inspire them to take steps towards realizing their dreams.





We Provide

  • Dance instructors
  • Healthy Snack
  • School Supplies
  • T-shirts & Dance Bag
  • Workshops with international and local dance groups
  • Gifts & Donations from sponsors and donors


Ask us about how to host a fundraiser for your school! Contact Us Today!