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Empowering Girls to Lead our Future – Aspiring, educating and empowering young females to lead culture and policy changes for a transformative society.

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Our Mission & Vision

Brown Girl Woke is on a mission to transform young minds and provide the new generation with the resources they need to become confident and independent thought-leaders.

By magnifying inclusiveness and diversity, Brown Girl Woke opens the doors to all peoples, races, genders and sexualities creating a platform where voices are heard and action is taken.

Brown Girl Woke recruits, trains and mentors University students and young professionals meet critical community needs education, public safety, health & environment.

The Movement

The intersectionality of gender and racial equality movements formed feminist into its own movement and cause. Brown Girl Woke provides opportunities for young people to discuss their opinions and share their perspectives of themselves, the world, and the future with each other, emphasizing on the importance of supporting one another.

Program Impact


Brown Girl Woke volunteers work with their mentors to apply for college, jobs and organize service projects. BGW volunteers receive over 100 hours of mentorship, which improves their academic achievement, self-confidence, public speaking & leadership skills.


Statistics show that the best way to improve the world is to invest in the youth; and in return, the youth reinvest 90% of the resources back into their communities.

What We Do

The Brown Girl Woke initiative empowers the youth in all levels of schooling in rural areas of Samoa by investing in their education, aspirations and success.

Our network of support is our base for influencing change. Change is brought about by providing a new understanding of how the world works and a new way of thinking.

We provide life skills and mentorship for girls in Samoa rural areas. Our youth and mentors also represent a diverse mix of families, sexual orientation, religion, and political/educational backgrounds.

We serve girls between the ages of 12 and 18 and ensure that participation is open to all-inclusiveness. 100% of the girls and all of the mentors are women of color and all of the girls are from rural areas.

Program participants come from low income families and cannot afford tuition for enrichment programs- this is where we come in and level-out the playing field.

They participate in four main endeavors: The After School Girl Program (ages 10-13) , The Young Women Forum (ages 13-25), The Emerging Leaders Young Men, and The Young Women Regional & National Training and Conference.

Programming includes team building activities, self-development and growth workshops, and decision making exercises. Mentorship, skill-based teaching, career coaching, and impact-driven projects are all embedded in the program.

Meet The Team

Maluseu, Doris Tulifau

Maluseu, Doris Tulifau


Tupō Savea

Tupō Savea


Viodolorosa Stanley

Viodolorosa Stanley


Gabriela Mendez

Gabriela Mendez


Robbie Allen

Robbie Allen