Brown Girl Woke is an international young feminist group working from Apia in the Pacific island of Samoa to United States of America. Our mission is to aspire, educate and empower young females to lead initiatives to create productive and healthy communities. Girls participate in group activities focusing on teamwork, self-esteem, goal setting, decision-making, creating healthy relationships, and living healthy lives. It provides opportunity for young women to openly discuss their opinions regarding themselves, the world, and the future of both. In addition to these activities, young women also participate in 4 main components of the group’s work: After School Girl program age group 10-13, Young women Forum 13-25, Emerging Leaders Young Men and Young, Women Regional & National Training and Conference.

BGW provides opportunities for young women to discuss their opinions and share their perspectives of themselves, the world, and the future with each other, emphasizing on the importance of supporting one another. They also participate in four main endeavors: After School Girl Program Age Group 10-13, Young Women Forum 13-25, Emerging Leaders Young Men and Young, Women Regional & National Training and Conference.

Who We Serve

BGW provides life skills and mentorship for girls in Samoa rural areas. We serve girls 12-18, and mentors, ages 19-30 +; everyone is welcome to participate. 100% of the girls and 60% of the mentors are women of color, 100% of the girls are from rural areas. All program participants are from low income families and cannot afford tuition for enrichment programs our youth and mentors also represent a myriad of family, sexual orientation, religious, political and educational backgrounds​.

Program Impact

BGW girls work with their mentors to apply for college, jobs and organize service projects they receive over 100 hours of mentorship, which improves their academic achievement, self-confidence, public speaking & leadership skills. Statistics show that the number one way to improve the world is to invest in young women; girls reinvest 90% of the resources back into their communities.