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Empowering girls to lead our future

Aspiring, educating and empowering young females to lead culture and policy changes for a transformative society.

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LATEST: Support Our Scholarship Programs


Our Scholarship programs allow our BGW Club members to further their tertiary studies in which their skills and knowledge go towards the development of our community in which they provide much help and support through different programs and events we hold for youth.

As funds for our Employment programs allow our Club members and mentors to continue their work within the community and helping to create awareness and safe spaces for our youth in differents areas as Domestic and Sexual violence, Bullying, Physical and Mental Health, all of which they provide workshops and youth programs involving Music and Performing Arts, Reading, Writing, Spoken word and much more!

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90 Day Fiancé ‘Kalani’ Supports Donation Drive to BGW

Samoan reality television star, Kalani Litia Faagata, has made a public appeal for donations to Samoa-based nonprofit organisation Brown Girl Woke

BGW Programme Brings Smiles to Hospitalised Children

The brainchild of not-for-profit organisation, Brown Girl Woke [B.G.W.], young children currently admitted at the hospital will be presented with toys and basic baby necessities with a B.G.W. cast also singing selected songs for them.

ANZ Samoa Donate to Brown Girl Woke

ANZ Samoa donate to Brown Girl Woke to help support struggling families throughout Samoa

BGW Teams up with Apia International Christian Church

Brown Girl Woke joins forces with Apia International Christian Church to hand out much needed supplies to families finding it hard to make ends meet.

Samoa Feeling Impact of Global Pandemic

Despite being free from COVID-19, Samoa is feeling the impacts of the global pandemic. Brown Girl Woke has been out delivering groceries to families needing support

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With you by our side, we stand stronger. Contributions to BGW in any amount will help create once in a lifetime opportunities a reality for underprivileged Samoan youth.


Brown Girl Woke is on a mission to transform young minds and provide the new generation with the resources they need to become confident and independent thought-leaders.


We envision a world where all girls, regardless of race or socioeconomic background, have the opportunities and resources to succeed and achieve their goals.