Using performance arts “Spoken Word” technique to help students ages 14-25 to speak out about taboo issues, BGW has made a team of amazing students tackling issues on domestic violence/sexual assault, politics, religion, corruption, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ, etc.

​Embrace your voice: Spoken word team with high school students from Leone, Samoana, Tafuna also the local Community College ASCC, and Community groups Alliance Strengthening Families partners/victims and Juvenile detention Center youth. This program has workshops on different social injustices happening in American Samoa and how to address them by using Spoken word as an outlet. The team has had one big event that brought in a Tv series, Radio series, and invited to many non profits to share their stories.

Programs are held at:

  • ​Samoana High School
  • Tafuna High School
  • Leone High School
  • American Samoa Community College
  • Community groups