Brown Girl Woke 2020 NZ Xmas Donation Drive

We’re gearing up for our annual xmas donation drive! We’re accepting donations from New Zealand to ship items over to Samoa to provide to children, elderly and those vunerable families who don’t always receive gifts for xmas.

Make Xmas in Samoa brighter for our vunerable families

Every year we gift our after school program but since the lockdown we had to close our program do to restrictions at the schools.

Fortunately we were able to make time for the children at the hospital comforting them by our music as well as the families.

We also gave care packages with toys, diapers and baby necessities. And for the families that were staying at the hospital we provided groceries for support.

Every Christmas we like to make sure we bring a smile on the faces of those less fortunate with Christmas gifts to the children at all 3 hospitals in Upolu and 1 in Savaii.


Items to Donate

Here is our list of items we’re requesting for this year’s Xmas Donation Drive for families in Samoa. Please refrain from sending items not on the list as we have limited space in our Shipping container and we want to best utilze our space with items that we know are needed by families in Samoa.

  • Baby Powder/Formula
  • Baby Diapers (All Sizes)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Baby Bottles
  • Baby Necessities
  • Toys (For all ages/Genders)
  • Clothing (Kids/Baby)
  • Home Goods (Sheets/Towels)
  • Schooling Supplies (Pencils, Pens, Books, etc)
  • Adult Diapers (Large/X-Large)

Donation cut off: 25th November 2020

How to Donate

Donate via Website

You can donate by purchasing items off our Amazon Wishlist that is then delivered straight to our drop off point in California.

Donate via Venmo

You can also donate to help cover the shipping costs using Venmo send to username @Doris_Tulifau

Donation Drop Off

You can also send items to our drop off point.
Cut off for Drop off = 25th November 2020.

EIF International
25 Aerovista Place, Wiri
Auckland, New Zealand
Tree Manu: +64 2040266490
Tuala Tusani: 02102238663

(Please only send items requested)

Previous BGW Xmas Gift Giving

Sounds of the season Fundraiser

Gems of the South Pacific are currently holding a series of online concerts throughout the month of December to raise funds for our xmas appeal and to help fund our scholarship programs.


Do you have any enquiries about our annual xmas gift giving donation drive? Fill out our form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!