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From August 8th – 18th 2022 we visited Ah Mu Academy, Marist Brothers Primary School, Robert Louis Stevenson Primary, St Mary’s Primary, Samoa Primary School, Vaiala Beach School, St Peters Primary, St Theresa Primary School.

We partnered with St. Vincent de Paul for our Safety kids’ program. During our workshop we taught 6 protection rules, assuring our kids understand when and what to do in danger, their boundaries and their rights to their bodies. 

  1. Tell a grown up
  2. Safe touch Unsafe touch
  3. Stranger safety
  4. Doesn’t matter who it is
  5. Shout, run, tell
  6. Hitting is wrong

Our activities involved; giving students different scenarios when in danger and they have to use respond our 6 protection rules to respond. Draw a picture on paper plates provided of who your “safe adults” and why.

Fill in blanks activity etc. This allowed them to learn how to apply these rules and to be creative.

AUGUST 17th: School Visits to Falealili College and Lepā College with S.P.A.C.E

AUGUST 18th: School Visit to St Mary’s College

New Zealand High Commission in Samoa funded us to go into schools and be a part of the change, using performing arts as an outlet to speak out about mental health. To talk about uncomfortable conversations, if telling is part of the solution we thrived to make it safe to tell.

We collaborated with Samoa Performing Arts & Creative Excellence (SPACE) and Derek Wendt studios to make this possible. Our musical ends with 3-part workshop. Where we put students in groups of their choice whether it be; singing, dance or poetry to learn how to express themselves and tell their stories. They will then perform at the end of the workshop.


AUGUST 19th: TEU LE VĀ MUSICAL” for mental health awareness FINALE

After traveling to schools to perform and lead workshops using performing arts as outlet to speak out, we ended with a musical show to perform for our partners, donors, mental health clinicians and NGOs that do work for mental health.

The purpose of this initiative is to show that youth can effectively use the creative and performing arts as a medium for self-expression, teamwork, personal development and healing. Allowing our youth to talk about the stigma and discrimination around mental illness.