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Helping Students in Samoa reach a higher education and social change

Announcement: Support our Scholarship Program

Build Community and Build Your Career


Brown Girl Woke has raised WST $5000 in charitable donations from international sponsors to provide four hardship scholarships to undergraduate students pursuing any field of academic study at the National University of Samoa or University of the South Pacific. Continued sponsorship will be based on academic performance and conduct. Sponsored students will develop civic responsibility through attachment and involvement in BGW’s programs.

Today, more than around 20 percent of Samoans do live under the national poverty line. The causes of poverty in Samoa ultimately boil down to lack of access to education, youth unemployment and underemployment, gender inequity and threats to natural resources and farming land like natural disasters.

Contribute your skills, talents, and motivation to change the lives of people in your village or in a community across the country. Join the nearly 100 annually who make this commitment.

As a BGW member, you can make a tangible difference in people’s lives while earning invaluable professional experience.

Give Now to Change Tomorrow


Our Scholarship programs allow our BGW Club members to further their tertiary studies in which their skills and knowledge go towards the development of our community in which they provide much help and support through different programs and events we hold for youth.

As funds for our Employment programs allow our Club members and mentors to continue their work within the community and helping to create awareness and safe spaces for our youth in differents areas as Domestic and Sexual violence, Bullying, Physical and Mental Health, all of which they provide workshops and youth programs involving Music and Performing Arts, Reading, Writing, Spoken word and much more!


Scholarship Annoucement

Yesterday we open our new Youth resource center at Pat Ah him building and our presentation for BGW scholarship.


Thank you to our scholarship team especially our lead person, Martin Sausoo who made sure that everything during the scholarship process ran smoothly.


Thank you to Gems of the South Pacific that ran fundraisers through Christmas to make sure we can fund these scholarships. Especially Luana Nauer that worked hard for 30 day concert fundraiser to give back our youth in Samoa

Thanks to Samoa Observer media for this short clip of our presentation yesterday.
Last but not least our amazing youth scholarship recipients and families.

Why Donate?


All donations go to those who need it most. Philanthropy benefits both the donor and the recipient.
All donations go towards scholarships and work study projects
We rely on donations to support life changing research, scholarships and projects.

When the shared passions of donors and recipients come together lasting change is made possible.

With your support we are reimagining the future. After school programs using performance arts as safe spaces to speak on domestic violence and sexual abuse, making safe spaces in villages for young girls and boys to go too, having young men speak up inequality on patriarch system these antiquities to drive innovation and education to lift a nation.

Give a donation now and help us go further, beyond boundaries and above the realms of what’s possible.

Our Scholarship Recipients

Our past and current receivers of our scholarship program

Krista Lee

Lino Williams

Victory Tamalelagi

Vaimoli Tapelu

Our Employment Program

Assisting our youth to gain employment

Kieran Ah Sam

Fetuoletapuitea Nu'uvali

Chrioni Posini

Our Grant Projects

Working together with Australian Aid for our menstrual cycle education program

Vaimoana Mikaele

Anamaria Tino

Benefits of our Scholarship Program

Professional development training

Students will be trained by Brown Girl Woke founder, Maluseu Doris Tulifau and NGO’s from community and American Samoa and visiting organizations.

  • 18 Years of Age
  • Samoan Citizen
End of service award

Successful recipients shall receive an allowance upon entrance into our scholarship program funded by your donations.

How To Donate


We currently have 2 methods you can donate to Brown Girl Woke. For our US donors you can donate via Venmo or donations will be accepted via PayPal. We also accept donations via our GoFundMe page. If you would prefer to donate a different way please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us using our Contact Form.

Note: Please make sure to leave a comment mentioning you’re donating to our ‘Scholarship Program’.
All donations will be listed on our website.

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