Read Aloud Program

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Our Mission


To transform young minds and provide the new generation with the resources they need to become confident and independent thought – leaders.

The Read Aloud Program is a simple, direct family program that promotes parents reading aloud to children and helps families spend time together, share good books and build a lifelong love of reading.

“Read Aloud brings communities together. Encouraging your child to read everyday can help them to become better readers and actually learn to enjoy reading.”

Reading Program Goals



Encourage parents and teachers to read aloud to children on a regular basis


Provide book report to help parents and teachers choose books and read to children.


Demonstrate the pleasure of reading and it’s relevance to daily life.


Nurture a love of reading in parents and awaken a love of reading in children.


Encourage families to have more quality time with reading and spent on technologies.

Our Services


Book Clubs

Once a student completes the Reading Survey, he/she is automatically in the book club. Every week, reading packages which includes reading materials, puzzles etc will be given to students. At the end of every month, students will get the chance to earn a prize depending on how many books they read.

Parent's Involvement

Parents involvement is very important in a student’s life. Brown Girl Woke encourages parents to help their children with reading, pronunciation and the reading packages. Mandatory Workshops for parents are offered once a month for a whole year.

Read Aloud Schedule


End of Every Month

  • Prize Selection

Tuesdays / Wednesdays

  • Reading Packages given out
    • Book Reports
    • Reading comprehensions
    • Reading materials (book log etc)

Thursday / Friday

  • Reading Packages turned in