Period Poverty

This project seeks to increase the supply of affordable and reusable menstrual pads to women and girls in Samoa

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Let’s Shatter The Stigma of Menstruation

Our Reusable Pads

Our safe, beautiful and washable solution for managing menstruation. Our Pads are delivered around the world in patent-winning Kits — along with vital health education.

Health Education

Our training is designed to help advocates deliver menstrual health education in the field, including a version for men and boys.

Social Entrepreneurship

We help local leaders establish sustainable businesses that produce and sell Kits, and provide health education.

Policy & Advocacy

We partner with governments, health coalitions and a wide range of awareness campaigns to advance global menstrual equity.

Our Vision


The Sewing Circle is focused on supporting women and women with disabilities to train and teach sewing. They will be focused on making reusable sanitary pads for young women, which can then be distributed into the communities and schools to allow girls dignity and pride to stay in school every month. Income generating through the sewing project will support the livelihoods and generate income for the women to support their families

What our program offers

  • Access to income generating activities to be able to provide for our families.
  • Female hygiene products available each month
  • Making sure girl’s can stay in school during mensturation
  • The ability to dispose of our sanitary products in a way that doesn’t compromise the health of our environment.
  • People in the rural communities in Samoa do not have this luxury. Our Sewing Circle focused on reusable sanitary pads addresses these needs.


Save the Environment


Pads are made of 90% plastic. This large scale plastic production releases vast amounts of greenhouse gases, which cause air pollution and global warming.

Want to get involved?


Get in contact with us to find out how you can get involved in our menstural health programs.