“I Ask” Poetry Slam Contest

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Calling all Poets, Singers, Rappers!

April is Sexual assault awareness month with 2020 theme “I Ask” it is a social change campaign created to raise awareness on Sexual assault. We want to hear the voices of our poets/singers/rappers on this matter, and so we have created a Poetry Slam Contest.

Simply record your poem/song/rap on video, send it to our facebook pages, and submit it to us. Make sure the words “I Ask” are somewhere in your piece!

The top prize will be $200, with an online meet and greet with Taumata Grey from Common Kings and Myz Lulu from Island Block Radio!

“We want to know what “I Ask” means to you. The content of the poem/song/rap should be geared toward Sexual Assault Awareness.”

The Winners:

Details for Entry

Poem Requirements for Contest Eligibility

Contest Dates: 4/16/2020-4/30/2020

Each participant will film a video of a performance of their chosen poem/song/rap and sent to Epic INK and Brown Girl Woke facebook pages on submission dates. Once the poem/song/rap is sent in the poet will receive an email for confirmation. Once the video has been approved, it will go live on the Epic INK and Brown Girl Woke Facebook page, ready for public viewing and promotion. Each artist may submit only one poem/song/rap. Group poems will also be accepted, and individuals who participate in group poem can summit individual poems.

Only American Samoa residents are eligible to participate in this contest, and diversity of poets and subject matter are strongly encouraged. We want to know what “I ask” means to you. The content of the poem/song/rap should be geared toward Sexual Assault Awareness. The video MUST contain the words “I ask” within the body of the poem/song/rap and be clearly audible in the video. Poems should be no shorter than 1 minute and no longer than 3 minutes. Poems/songs/rap must be of original composition by the author reading or performing the work in the video. Plagiarism is grounds for immediate dismissal from the contest.

Poems/songs/rap must be submitted to our facebook messenger Epic INK and Brown Girl Woke pages. If you are under age 18, you must have permission from parent or legal guardian.Please message us direct. *Poems/songs/rap that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted. While the Slam Liaison will attempt to get in touch with the sender to correct any technical issues that keep the poem/song/rap out of consideration, all poems/song/rap sent that do not meet the content requirements will not be accepted. Please make sure your poem/song/rap meets the above criteria.

Legal Information

Contest Winners

Winners will be decided by a panel consisting of Epic INK and Brown Girl Woke and their chosen literary liaison. This 3-person panel will view/vote on the poems/songs/rap submitted to determine the top prize. There will also be Honorable Mention videos. The Slam Liaison will not participate in the private judging by the Epic INK and Brown Girl Woke panel. The top 10 videos will be featured on the Epic INK and Brown Girl woke facebook page campaign.


To submit your poem/song/rap, film and send to Epic INK and Brown Girl Woke messenger. The video on your will be posted on our Facebook page (and therefore active for public viewing/promotion) in the order they are received, and in most cases within the same day (pending technical issues). Please put your name (or the name you wish to be associated with the video) and the title of the poem/song/rap in the subject area of the message. You may include a 100-200 word bio with your poem/song/rap.

Please also include the following in the body of the email message:

  • Full Name (and/or name you want listed with the video in the case of stage names)
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Name of your poem
  • Send to Epic INK and Brown Girl Woke facebook messenger
  • If a group video, or submitted by a parent or legal guardian, list full names of all people in the video.


The Fine Print

By submitting your poem to this contest, you give Epic INK and BGW permission to use the video of your poem on their website, YouTube channel, and their various social media hubs (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) By submitting, you also agree to allow your poem/song/rap to be used in a compilation video for promotion of the SAAM campaign. You should also be aware that you will be emailed by the Slam Liaison for the video file of your poem if Epic INK and BGW chooses it to be among those send to their facebook messenger.

Epic INK and BGW reserve the right to remove any video from the competition in the event of plagiarism.

Winners will be announced on the Epic INK and BGW fb pages and contacted individually for prize disbursement on or about May 2, 2020

Any questions may be directed to:

Saipai Cassens, EPIC INK (Phone: +684-699-7923)

Maluseu Doris Tulifau, Brown Girl Woke