Brown Girl Woke Local Talent Artists

Our Local Talent Artists Featured on Coconet TV / FreshTV

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Our Dream Squad

We hold a local talent night in Samoa where talented local musicans and artists can come down and showcase their amazing skills.

We were lucky enough to have FreshTV come down and interview our founder, Doris Tulifau and all the amazing kids who love to sing, dance, rap and show their talents and culutre by the medium of performing arts and Brown Girl Woke provides a safe space for these amazing young people to not only showcase their art but also hone and work on their craft.

Last year our Dream Squad were blessed to open for the Tatau Festival hosted at Taumeasina Island Resort where the legendary artists were performing such as the legendary FIJI, Tenelle and another home grown sensation, Mr. Cowboy to name a few!

We can’t wait to see how all these talented individuals go in the future!