Our After School Program Kids perform for U.N. Samoa CRC

Saint Peter’s Chanel Primary

Children perform for Committee with message

Today our BGW team along with our kids under our After School Program had the opportunity to attend the UN Samoa Convention on the Rights of a Child held at Taumeasina Island Resort.

The last few years we have had After School programs for Primary School students. Through this program we have built a safe space for children to express and learn more about different matters, through performing arts, telling stories of our culture and natural environments.

“The idea of our side event today is that we want to give out a message to the conference that we support children’s rights. There is no better way to do it than bringing the very children,” he said. “And that is what we’re trying to do today, bring them here and give out our positive and good message that we are here and support child’s rights. The children here are from St Peter Chanel Primary which is located at Moamoa.”

“teaching about child rights and the importance of understanding your rights as a young child”

Today was a wonderful opportunity for our kids to learn more on Child Rights and increase knowledge and self awareness.

St Peter Chanel Primary School Principal, Tepora Tu’i, was ecstatic with the participation of her students in the United Nations human rights conference and expressed her gratitude to Brown Girl Woke as they only had one week to prepare.

“The children did really well because they only had four sessions of practice and they were only an hour so its about four hours of practice and they only had one week to prepare,” she said. “Brown Girl Woke promoted their stance in helping children in dance so they approached our school and we took on the program to develop dance and that’s why we accepted to have them. They do an after school program which the children and their parents started to participate in.”

Thank you to our After School program Team Sigmarigen Ah Sam Fetuoletapuitea Leilua Vaimoli T Tapelu led by Victory Tuala Tamalelagi teaching about child rights and the importance of understanding your rights as a young child. Of course our President Lino Jayson Williams organizing today’s program with Orion Pritish & Sammron Evile Setefano.

Thanks also to our fruit helpers Ronna Lee Mathew Amituanai and Tia. As well as the support of our BGW USP and NUS members!

Some Content From: Samoan Observer