Samoa based beauty salon donate 100 masks to BGW

April 14, 2020

Apia, Samoa

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Thank you to Samoa’s busiest beauty salon, JSPA Samoa for donating 100 material mask to us today, which we could pay forward to our most vulnerable communities.

The beautiful manager, Jib wanted to contribute to our efforts by teaching her daughter how to give back to the community.

JSPA has been a long time supporter of BGW and they got in contact with us recently asking what they could do to help. Jib wanted to donate these beautiful material masks to Brown Girl Woke and we told her that we have been donating at least 100 mask to ‘Mapuifagalele Elderly Home’ (the only elderly home in Samoa) almost every week and that they needed something more durable, so without hesitation Jib agreed to make these beatiful masks to donate to BGW and Mapuifagalele Elderly Home.

We would like to thank Jib and JSPA for all their continued support throughout this time.

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