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June 16th, 2019

Apia, Samoa

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Our Founder Maluseu Doris Tulifau and BGW Executive Chrioni Posini had the privilege of speaking to few overseas journalists and researchers working on articles and dissertations in Samoa ho had known and heard of our organization and wanted to seek more as to what we represent, our movement and involvement in the community.


Speaking to NZ journalist from the UK’s The Guardian Daily Newspaper we spoke f different youth social issues, more so the likes of Domestic Violence, as Samoa has one of the highest rates of Domestic Violence in the world, leading up to what we would like to see change in our society for the greater benefit of welfare for our young people in the future.

“We shared perspective on youth development and roles of women in the family household and community at large”

Speaking also to a European Anthropologist we discussed Women Empowerment. Looking into society, Samoan culture, its values, morality, challenges and how it has greatly influenced the way life is structured for our youth especially. We shared perspective on youth development and roles of women in the family household and community at large. Along with the workforce and politically speaking by women stand in the government and politics. We then shared views on religion and how church and religion is a big influential factor on which our Samoan way of life is based upon.

Then looking into the work of BGW and how we play a role to help young people adapt to change and make change that can benefit themselves. Discussing BGW’s Women Empowerment movement, programs, events and ways we work with children, along with teenagers by form of performing arts and other forms of expression to depict different issues impact of these issues on our community, allowing youth to learn and experience and understand their surroundings.

Chrioni Vaega Posini

Chrioni Vaega Posini

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“My role in BGW is a given opportunity for me to help others. I am proud to be a part of a cause that allows me to share, project safety and awareness upon generations to come.”