With help from other organizations, our partners and donors, and the overarching network, Brown Girls Woke is increasing our global footprint allowing us to create new chapters for every person in need.

California Chapter

Recently, there has been an increase in deportations of Samoan & Tongan families in Sacramento, Modesto, and the greater Bay Area. In response, BWG will be training their youth to lead Know Your Rights workshops with experienced immigration & deportation mentors.

American Samoa Chapter

Using performance arts “Spoken Word” technique to help students ages 14-25 to speak out about taboo issues, BGW has made a team of amazing students tackling issues on domestic violence/sexual assault, politics, religion, corruption, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ, etc.

Samoa Chapter

BGW provides opportunities for young women to participate in four main endeavors: After School Girl Program Ages 10-13, Young Women Forum 13-25, Emerging Leaders Young Men and Young, Women Regional & National Training and Conference.