Miss Samoa / Miss Pacific Islands teams up with brown girl woke

Continuing on with the vaccincation efforts for the children of Samoa

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We are honoured and humbled to be working along side the stunning and caring Miss Samoa / Miss Pacific Islands, Fonoifafo Nancy McFarland Seumanu to continue on the efforts of vaccinating the last remaining people in the community.

We have been blessed with so many gifts and donations from all over the world that we are able to work together with Fonoifafo to provide the children with toys and presents while she heads to their houses, typically in more remote villages, to administer measles vaccinations and also provide dental care to the kids, making sure all the children of Samoa are safe and healthy.

“100+ tooth brushes, tooth pastes, health pamphlets & TOYS given away in the last two days. Yesterday we covered the outer villages & today I had the pleasure of working alongside the Nurses who vaccinated in Letogo – one of the villages I proudly represent.” Miss Pacific Islands explained in her Instagram post.


“At first the packages were supposed to be for the children who completed their vaccination, but it was almost impossible to turn a blind eye to the children who were wanting an interaction with our health team. This time we are providing the dental care packages to all children we come across in rural villages & to the Parents too!” Fonoifafo said.


We were also blessed to have Fonoifafo be our special guest and join us in thanking all the amazing nurses at the hospital who were working tirelessly throughout the measles outbreak. They were on the forefront of helping keep our kids safe. Sometimes working double and triple shifts at the hospital. Brown Girl Woke put together a morning tea and had gift packs to present to these amazing people.

We are very thankful to Fonoifafo Nancy McFarland Seumanu and look forward to continuing to work with her and all her future endeavours taking care of the children in Samoa.