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Adopt a nurse

There are plenty of amazing nurses in and around Samoa working countless hours to help the families of those affect by this epidemic, we would like to highlight these amazing people and give back to them.

Adopt a Nurse

Care isn’t delivered just at the bedside. You can spot it in places like the clinical lab, among technicians and throughout environmental services. No matter the care setting, healthcare workers play a vital role in our everyday lives.

Brown Girl Woke is celebrating the countless number of healthcare workers who fearlessly go the distance for those in their care especially during this devastating measles outbreak taking over the country at the moment.

We will be gifting the nominated Nurses with gift bags, vouchers and other amazing items, use the form below to nominate a nurse!


Featured Stories

We will feature stories of the amazing medical staff and their accomplishments here. To send in your story use the form below.

Taiopo E’etau



“Tai is one of the hardest working nurses i know. She works long and hard days, often giving up her days off to do overtime.

She is friendly and approachable and able to learn and teach skills. She is compassionate and kind, and a pleasure to work with.”


Name: Taiopo E’etau
Work Role:
Registered Nurse
Work Location: APCC Home Care / Diabetic Foot Clinic


Nominated by: Lexy Carroll
Relationship: Collegue

Nominate A Nurse!

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When you send in your donation for this initiative please leave a comment mentioning “Adopt a Nurse” and the name of the person you nominated, so we know which donation is yours.

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Adopt a Nurse Sponsors

We would like to thank our following sponsors for this ‘Adopt a Nurse’ Program. These generous businesses have donated vouchers, products and their services, to help give back to our amazing nurses who worked tirelessly during the measles epidemic. THANK YOU!

Total Value $1,500 Tala

Total Value $1,100 Tala

Total Value $1,100 Tala

Total Value $1,375 Tala

Total Value $500 Tala

Total Value $320 Tala

Total Value $135 Tala